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5 Types of Pit Bull Breeds That is Popular Today


A lot of dog lovers prefer dogs that are of Pit bulls breed line to be their pet. Pitbull breeds tend to be strong, loyal and affectionate dogs to their owners and anyone around, so it is not surprising that the dog of choice for most families.

The Pitbull Breed was initially bred in Britain as fighting dogs in cruel blood sports that often cause damage to their health or in some cases death.

Eventually, when immigrants came to America, the focus and purpose of breeding Pit bull Breeds were directed in another direction. Homesteads of immigrants in America needed a reliable and strong protector.

Since the various types of Pit Bull breeds they bought with them are already strong, they began producing for domestic purposes. The result is the current Pitbull Breed, who has come far from their blood sports origin.

Today there are many types of Pitbull breeds to choose from. Bear in mind that most people loosely use the term “Pitbull” for any dog that possesses the physical traits of Pitbull like bulky body and a square-shaped head. The various number of Pit Bull breeds can be confusing even to experts who are classifying them.

The name of dog breeds in a Pitbull breeds list is a long one, but only a few names in a Pitbull breeds list have a significant following hence a big popularity as a pet. The popularity of the Pitbull breed depends on its personality, reliability, and human compatibility.

Below is a list of Pit Bull breeds that are top 5 in popularity


1. American Pit Bull Terrier

History and Origins:

Needing a dog with strength, athleticism and ferocity people bred the Old English Bulldogs and Old English Terriers together to get the dog they require for blood sports. Some of these Pit Bull breeds that were brought to America are the direct descendants of today’s American Pit Bull Terrier. In America the immigrants these dogs as used to hunt wild cattle as well as hogs and used as a livestock driver. They eventually became family pet companions once people started breeding out their aggressiveness.

Today American Pit Bull Terriers can be found helping human society by working as therapy, companion, and police dogs. Though some are still used in illegal, clandestine dog fighting this Pitbull breed is more valued as a human pet companion.


Physically an American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog with a short coat and well-defined muscle structure that looks smooth. The coat, when touched, feels short, glossy and smooth. The shape of these Pitbull breed’s eye is almond or round while its ears are small to medium in size. It’s tail taper at its point while being slightly thick. Spotted, solid, brindled and with points are color patterns found in this Pitbull breed. Merle is also another pattern, but the UKC and AKC do not recognize it.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is overflowing with enthusiasm to please it, owners. Possessing confidence, strength, loyalty and protective nature of this Pitbull breed are an ideal pet companion for families, especially with children. The dog still retains some of its aggressive nature, so it is best to give some obedience and socialization training. The dog will go along with other dogs provided that they don’t try to dominate the American Pit Bull Terrier. This Pitbull breed relationship with other animals is not cozy at best.

An American Pit Bull Terrier’s size is 18-21 inches at the withers for males and 17-20 inches for females.

Health problems:

Expect congenital heart diseases, dysfunction of the thyroid, patella problems and Demodex mange

in this dog. Incidents of hip dysplasia are much higher in this Pitbull breed.


Use a firm bristle brush for grooming it to coat then give a bath while using a dry shampoo. The dog sheds its skin on an average basis.

Litter size:

5- 10 puppies

Exercise routine:

Long daily walks on a regular basis.


$300 – $3000 USD depending on the pup’s age