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5 Types of Pit Bull Breeds That is Popular Today


3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

History and origins:

Blood sports like bear baiting, dog fighting, and bull baiting were popular among people, and it is common to see the bears and bulls fighting dogs or dogs fighting each other. To increase the fighting capability of these dogs, they were cross-bred with other dogs to get the results they want. These “proto-Staffords” or also known as “Bull and Terrier” were the ancestral founders of the Pitbull breed we know today as Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Today blood sports are illegal, and no Staffordshire Bull Terriers serves as a participant in these blood sports (though there is still some underground dog fighting). As a result interest in this Pitbull, breed went on a decline. During the 20th-century people began to show interest in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier again. This time, it would no longer be a blood sports participant, but rather a show dog and a guardian family pet.


Though this Pitbull breed is no longer a fighter it still has some of its old habits. They also are difficult to housebreak. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier needs firm discipline and training from a confident and strong pack leader who is consistent enough to insist the dog to follow the rules. Once the dog has been properly trained and disciplined it is now an obedient, courageous, affectionate dog. Gets along with children and has less wary of strangers.

The dog is muscular, and it has great strength to go along with it. The head has strong jaws and a distinct stoop along with a short foreface. Its broad skull head has a black nose with round dark eyes and small ears. The tail is low-set and taper to point.

Dogs of this breed have the weight of 14-16 inches for males and 13-15 inches for the females

Health problems:

Its eyes tend to suffer from HC and PHPV, which can be remedied by screening both parents and see if they have this condition. There are also hip dysplasia and gas problems in this Pitbull breed.


Use a firm bristle brush to brush its coat every day. Give it a bath and a dry shampoo. If you want its coat to have a shiny look, use a toweling and chamois piece to rub its skin.

Litter size:

5 – 7 puppies

Exercise routine:

The dog’s stamina is tremendous so give it lots of exercise along with daily walks and jog.


$300-$1500 USD depending on the pup’s age