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5 Types of Pit Bull Breeds That is Popular Today


4. American Bulldog

History and origins:

The ancestors of this Pitbull breed originated in England and many dogs of its breed the original were used in blood sports like bull baiting. Immigrants who came to America became ranchers, and small farmers needed a dog that can act as a stock, catch, and guard dog. The American Bulldog’s predecessors were suited to those ranchers and small farmers’ needs.

American Bulldogs are also great in dealing with vermin like feral pigs which is the reason that they thrived in the American South unlike in the North they were all long gone. By the time WW2 happened this Pitbull breed is all but extinct until the intervention of John D. Johnson. John D. Johnson along with his father sought to revive the near-extinct Pitbull breed and to do that they began producing the best American Bulldog specimens they could find in the rural areas of the South. The efforts of the two were not vain since the American Bulldog breed has thrived into the present day. Were it not for the efforts of John D. Johnson and his father this dog would not have an entry in the list of Pitbull breed.


The compact frame of the American Bulldog is robust and sturdy as well as muscular. Strength, Swiftness, and agility are the attributes that this Pitbull breed possesses. The square-shaped head is big coupled with powerful jaws; the Chest is moderately deep as well as broad and legs that are strong, straight and thick boned. Its short coat is smooth in texture and comes in shades of brindle.

The dog is not hostile though early age socialization and obedience training can further dampen its aggressiveness. The dog is brave, determined, loyal and reliable provided that its owner is strong-minded as well as reminding the dog of what behaviors is acceptable. Its protective instincts make it an ideal companion for children.

Males are 22-28 inches while females are 20-26 inches.

Health problems:

This Pitbull breed is often healthy though it still suffers from hip dysplasia and neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis or NCL.
The dog can become high strung and hard to control if it does not have a daily physical and mental exercises.


The dog’s coat is easy to groom. Combing the coat with a firm bristle brush will suffice. Give the dog a bath only if necessary.

Litter size:

11 puppies

Exercise routine:

A long daily walk is more than enough for the dog.


$600-$950 USD depending on the pup’s age