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5 Types of Pit Bull Breeds That is Popular Today


5. Bull Terrier

History and origins:

The need to create a fighting dog for blood sports necessitated the creation of Bull and Terrier breeds. Using the Old English Terrier, the Old English Bulldog, and the Manchester Terrier were used as a foundation, for the new Pitbull breed. The combined the traits of the Bulldog and the Terrier making a poor fighter against bears as well as bulls.

In spite of its poor performance as a blood sports fighter, they excel as a guard dog, herder, ratter, and watchdog. The Bull Terrier even became the nobles’ popular pet.


This Pitbull breed is easily recognizable by its strong and long oval-shaped head that is flat on the top and slopes down evenly to it black-colored nose. The dog’s body is muscular and powerfully built. Eyes are dark colored, small and deep-set shaped like an almond. The dense and short coat of the dog feels flat as well as harsh when touched. The tail is carried at a horizontal angle while setting a low level.

Bull Terriers have two primary colors: White and Colored. White Bull Terriers only have colored markings on the dog’s head while the Colored Bull Terriers possesses several colors like red, fawn, brindle, black brindle, and tricolor with white.

In spite of its origin as a fighting dog, this Pitbull breed is now a gentle dog. Bull Terriers tend to be brave, loyal, obedient, polite, fun and clownish. They form deep attachments to their owners and become an excellent family pet especially if their owner shows a consistent and firm leadership. They are quite fond of children and adults.

This dog requires lots of supervision and companionship making them perfect pets for active families. Leaving the dog alone for more than 8 hours a day is not advisable. Make sure that the dog gets a lot of physical and mental exercises. The dog does make a good companion with non-canine pets due to its hunter instinct.

There are two sizes of Bull Terriers: standard and miniature. Standard-sized dogs are 20-24 inches in height while the Miniature-size dogs are 10-14 inches.

Health problems:

Do not overfeed the dog since it gains weight too quickly and can cause obesity. Watch for the patella ailment, kidney failure, heart defect, skin and flea allergies. Zinc deficiency is also present. Deafness affects White Bull Terriers.


Give the dog an occasional brushing and combing. The dog sheds its coat twice a year. If you want to remove any loose hair from its skin, try, using a special rubber glove to give it a rubdown.

Litter size:

1 or 5 to 9 puppies

Exercise routine:

Give daily exercise to the dog, but do it in a vigorous manner. Improper exercise leads to overweight and laziness for the dog.


$2000 – $1000 USD depending on the pup’s age