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Pit Bull Rescues Little Girl Being Attacked By Labrador


This breed of dogs is usually defamed as the bellicose and dangerous one. Well, is this the reality? Pit bulls are very possessive for their masters. They carry great defensive traits. They are extremely caring and of a friendly temperament. They have been highlighted into news for rescuing the masters in any state of danger.

The little one of the Hernandez family, Remayah Hernandez, aged 5 was saved from a vicious attack by a neighborhood dog by her superhero, ‘trigger’ who fought valiantly and protected her from the menacing incident.

Remayah was riding her bike along with her sister in the daytime, when she saw the neighborhood Labrador retriever mix dog and went close to pet him. The lab turned hostile and bit her brutally on the face and lips. This made her weep and shout for help. Sensing a threat to the master, Remayah’s pet trigger immediately jumped the fence and fought with the lab to defend her. The fight got the lab killed. It was discovered that the neighbor went out for work while this incident occurred.

It was also known that the victim’s family was collecting money for her trip to Disney land but since, the sum had to be used for her plastic surgery, the trip had to be cancelled. Online fund was also raised to make Remayah visit Disney land which successfully completed and exceeded $1,000.

The pit bull, trigger was remarked as a superhero by the victim and the family takes pride in owning such a loyal and caring pet. Remayah’s mother feels that she owes Remayah’s life to Trigger.

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