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NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In A Bag, So These 15 Owners Got Creative.


When New York City decided to implement policies to ban large dogs from the subway system, pet parents decided to take things into their own hands. The rule stated that dogs must fit into a bag to be deemed travel worthy in the underground. Challenge accepted.
On the surface it seemed that any dog over 10 pounds would not make the cut, but these every resourceful city dwellers beat the system in the best way.

Check out the wonderful result below!

1. Pit bull in a duffle bag!

2. Traveling in style.

3. Little floof.

4. Sitting pretty.

5. I could get used to this.

6. Balto in a bag!

7. Just too good.

8. Yes.

9. Crushed it.

10. Catching the m-train.

11. Comfy as can be.

12. The best.

13. Backpack or nap sack?

14. Still getting used to this.

15. Whatever you say papa!

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