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Lost Dog Gets Adopted In A Few Short Days, Now The Owner Wants Him Back…


Losing a dog is an awful worry, but then the feeling of loss and missing them just amplifies that even more, Lisa Jones is just about coping with those feelings of loss of her 1-year-old puppy called ‘Latte’.

Around three weeks ago the lovely Latte, a pit bull mix breed managed to get lost, it all happened after a gate was left open outside the family home in the South Bronx.

The open gate was just an open invitation for the doggie who wandered through it and most likely got carried away while exploring and then got lost.

Lisa said: – “We walked down to the store to see if anyone saw her, we went to all the buildings along the street where I live at …We just didn’t know where she could be.”

Latte was eventually found, thank goodness, three blocks from her home bu two lovely NYPD officers. But they then took her to the ‘East Harlem Animal Care Center’.

She didn’t have a microchip, not even a collar to identify her owner, nor anything about her. The workers really thought that she was a stray dog and followed their procedure, well that’s just how it looked!

Rita Viola, a supervisor at the animal center, said:

“We do lost-and-found reports and we reach out to Facebook groups and different lost animal groups”

She was placed on a three-day stray hold and after 72 hours without anyone turning up or calling to say they were looking for her, she was put up for adoption.

About six days passed, from when she first arrived, it wasn’t long and because she is such a lovely doggie, she was adopted by another family!

Lisa search high and low, everywhere she could think to look, but she hadn’t realized what had happened, she is now really missing her doggie and she is looking to get her back again…

She is first to admit that she was completely lost about how to find her dog and the fact that one of the first things she should have done is to call either ACC the Animal Rescue Center or the City Rescue.

The Gate That Was Left Open at Lisa Jones’s House…
Nevertheless, Lisa firmly believes that the 72-hour rules are completely unfair and it needs to be changed…

She said:

“How is that enough time to find anything in this city? …It’s a very big city.”

She also says that the NYPD officer had been misleading when she was looking for her lost dog?

Lisa said:

“I think we could’ve found Latte way-way before that if that police officer had been able to tell me exactly where I should’ve looked for my dog.”

The officials involved, from the NYPD right down to the animal rescue center all thought that they did actually follow all the rules they should follow, to the letter.

If Latte had a microchip the rules are different and they would have then held him for ten days, giving Lisa more than enough time to find and recover her dog.

Lisa Jones Tells Her Story…
Rita Viola also said:

“Making sure you have dog licenses, ID tags with phone numbers, people you could contact, microchips, all of these things are vital to (finding) animals especially in the city”

In New York adoptions of dogs are legally binding and there is nothing more to be done to reunite Lisa and Latte, the only way would be if the current owners give her up or back to Lisa.

Lisa said that she really hopes that the new owners of Latte do the right thing, she spoke about how Latte wasn’t a stray but just a lost doggie on her way home.

Let this be a warning to all dog owners, microchip and id tag your dog with a collar, or you could be sorry if they get lost. Please SHARE this warning with friends, family, and fellow dog owners!


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