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10 horses with unique markings you’ve never seen before


If you’ve ever interacted with one of these majestic creatures, you would know that they are strong, beautiful, but timid creatures. It’s not surprising that so many people love to own and breed horses.

Did you know that all horse colors are actually built on one of only two base colors? All coats are built on black or chestnut with various genes acting on these colors to dilute them, resulting in a broad range of markings. Here is a list of 10 horses that have unique and beautiful coats.

1. Da Vinci

This may be the only horse out there with a white shadow! The pattern is so unique that his owners named him Da Vinci.

2. The Golden Statue

This Golden Akhal Teke is dubbed “the world’s most beautiful horse.” If unicorns existed, I truly hope it looks like this.

3. The Dalmatian

Our spotted friend here is a Friesian/Appaloosa Crossbreed, sometimes called the Leopard Appaloosa. Watch out, Cruella De Vil just might come for this one next.