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10 horses with unique markings you’ve never seen before


6. The Silver Fox

This beautiful silver buckskin Akhal-Teke is a rare color, so rare that people claim it’s photoshopped.

7. Fabio

There has never been a horse more fitting for a cheesy romance novel cover. This Icelandic horse has a thick double coat developed for extra insulation in cold temperatures.

8. The Snowflake

A snowflake pattern on this dapple grey pinto horse is breathtaking. The best description for this house is a “pinto mottle galaxy marble”, though not a technical coloration term.

9. Zorro

This horse’s unique facial pattern makes him look like he is ready for a masquerade.

10. The Jabbawockee

Though not an official member of the dance crew, Jabbawockeez, this horse certainly has the look to join the crew. His beautiful chestnut coat contrasts nicely with the pure with on his face, legs, and tail.

We hope you learned something cool and enjoyed reading about these unique horses! Which one was your favorite? Be sure to share your favorite(s) with your friends and family that love horses as much as we do.