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Guy Saves Dog From Being Euthanized, Gets A Huge Unexpected Surprise


Sometimes rescuing dogs is not just about taking dogs off the streets, that is one element though, this case really proves that to be /true when this guy performs an even more profound act that he first realizes!

This guy saves a dog from being euthanized, Nicholas R. offered to foster Emma, the dog who happened to be on death row…

She was at an animal shelter and she had a huge surprise because she was, unbeknownst t everyone else, pregnant with pups!

He first knew about the dog when his friend had seen the dog, Nicolas had fostered a dog before and that dog had recently passed away…

Nicolas being the guy he was really didn’t have to think twice, he really wanted to help this dog, it really made good sense to him, he worked with Dorsey Patrick the Director and Founder of Jesse’s Place and coordinated the rescue together with them.

He wrote to the organization:

“I’m interested in fostering and possibly adopting this sweet girl…I’m very patient, calm, gentle, and have plenty of time to work with her. My last rescued boy died in 2016 from cancer”

The organization Jesse’s Place did some checks and then they got the doggie to him to foster, ready to adopt if all worked out well, Emma arrived at his house!

No one at this stage knew that she was pregnant, not at all, but he was about to have a surprise…

Emma was going to give birth any day, Nicolas had experience birthing farm animals and just before the birth, rather than take her back to the shelter delivered the pups at home.

His friend Sheena kindly ran out on a shopping trip when he called her, and she brought all the things he needed to deliver the puppies a,d prepare for the moment of delivery!

The time finally came and he delivered 6 beautiful and healthy puppies, four boys and two girls…

Emma with her beautiful puppies are all doing amazingly good, Nicolas is caring for Emma, who he loves so much, he really rescued her at the right time!

So it just goes to show that rescuing dogs is a lot deeper and more meaningful in many different ways, keep up the great work people!

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