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Man Selling Pit Bull Puppies For Dog Fighting Was Exposed After a Facebook Post!


The Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue group is absolutely incredible; the work they do is astounding and they’ve saved so many lives.That’s why when the founder of the organization saw a recent Facebook post about Pit Bull puppies — her heart sank.

An extremely disturbing Facebook post was put up recently and local animal advocates were outraged.They contacted Sumpter immediately in hopes that she could help. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

A man went to Facebook and posted that he was selling two Pit Bull puppies. In the photo that accompanied the ad — he was apathetically holding the two pups by the scruff of their necks.

As if that wasn’t bad enough — it was the comments that people were leaving that truly disturbed Sumpter. Someone had expressed interest in buying the puppies; however, he brazenly said it would be for the purpose of dog fighting.

Obviously, people who saw the horrific comment began to verbally attack the seller of the puppies. Thankfully, Sumpter was shown the post and she was determined to get those puppies out of his, or any other abuser’s, hands.

“We immediately were like ‘we need to save these puppies. They are in danger now.’ We immediately contacted the seller,” Sumpter said. The next morning, the rescue group set out to purchase the puppies — they bought them for $150.

However, the seller had no idea that they were from a rescue organization. “We are not going to lecture them. ”Sumpter explains. “We are not going to ask them why they posted.”

“If you post stuff like that, we are going to make you famous and not in a good way. It’s going to be in a bad way,” Sumpter says. “Everybody is going to know who you are and that you are a piece of sh–!”

Well said, Sumpter. Well said.

The puppies have been named Hansel and Gretel; they are safe and sound and the Detroit Pit Rescue. They are loving, sweet, and they are definitely not fighters. Sumpter still can’t believe that Facebook post.

She said she “just could not believe that somebody would go on a social media site and even suggest that these puppies be used for fighting.”

Sadly — no one has been charged with a crime over the social media post. However, people who have found out about this have been urging the local police department to track down this person.

Not only should they be punished, but it’s crucial to check for other dogs on the property that could be in danger. The dogs will surely be finding a forever home soon.

Watch the full video below!


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