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She Slept On A Cold Concrete Floor For 8 Years. Now She Has ALL The Beds She Wants!


For so many neglected and abused animals, their happy “ending” is still a far off fantasy that we continue to pray for. For this dog, named Lola, thankfully her very sad beginning has brought her to a new life filled with lots of love and lots of… BEDS!

Lola lived her first 8 years chained up in a dark dingy garage. This is a long time but for a dog, it’s even longer! It’s nearly a lifetime! She spent day in and day out on a cold concrete floor with a chain around her neck. She had no love, no veterinary care, no REAL life to speak of.

A woman finally noticed Lola and called AMA Animal Rescue, an animal welfare organization operating in New York. Rescuers arrived and found Lola in her heartbreaking situation. The AMA workers finally managed to talk Lola’s owner into surrendering her to their care.

Considering all she had been through, you would think Lola would hold a grudge, that she would be aggressive toward people. But, in fact, Lola had the exact opposite response. When the rescue team found Lola, she couldn’t stop wagging her tail! It was like she knew they were there just for her and would finally free her from her horrible life!

The team made sure Lola’s medical needs were taken care of. She had several tumors that had to be removed. After surgery, she went into foster care but what came next is truly magical!

Lola was adopted by a human named Charlène von Saher. Once Lola got acquainted with her new home, she took to her digs pretty well. So well, that she made all the comfy spots in her new home– her new beds! She has so many beds that her human has pretty much given up on assigning which spot is hers. Lola has become a real princess and her new human wouldn’t have it any other way!

Her old bed, the concrete floor in a dingy garage, is officially AND FOREVER, a thing of the past. Now Lola will live out her days enjoying lots of love, lots of cuddles, AND LOTS OF COMFORT!

Check out Lola’s Instagram page for more amazing and heartwarming photos!

You can see Lola’s original video below!


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