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Choose a Card for the Message You Need to Hear at This Exact Moment.


Take a gander at the cards, let yourself be guided by your instinct and pick your top choice.

Right in that card, there is a message that we expect will motivate you to take matters in your own particular hands at the present time at this time, not later, not tomorrow, but rather now, on the grounds that an opportunity to act and enhance your life is NOW.

1. Past Illusion

Discourse on the Card: The butterfly in this card speaks to the external, that which is continually moving and that which isn’t genuine however a hallucination.

Behind the butterfly is the substance of cognizance, searching internally for what is endless. That space between the two eyes has opened, uncovering the lotus of profound unfoldment and the rising sun of mindfulness.

Through the ascending of the inward sun, reflection is conceived. The card reminds us to search outside for what is genuine, yet to search inside. When we center around facades, we over and over again become involved with judgments – this is great, this is awful, I need this, I don’t need that.

These judgments keep us caught in our deceptions, our lethargy, our old propensities, and examples. Drop your obstinate personality and move inside.

There, you can unwind into you are own most profound truth, where the distinction amongst dreams and the truth is as of now known.

Importance of the Card: This is the main refinement between the fantasy and the genuine; reality enables you to question, and the fantasy does not enable you to question… To me, the ability to question is one of the best gifts to humankind.

The religions have been adversaries since they have been cutting the very underlying foundations of uncertainty, and there is a motivation behind why they have been doing that: since they need individuals to have faith in specific dreams that they have been lecturing…

Why have the general population like Gautam Buddha been insistent to the point that the entire presence – with the exception of your seeing self, aside from your mindfulness – is simply transient, made of an indistinguishable stuff from dreams are made of?

They are not saying that these trees are not there. Try not to misconstrue as a result of “fantasy” … it has been deciphered as a dream, however, the figment isn’t the correct word.

Fantasy does not by any means exist. Reality exists. Maya is only in the middle of – it nearly exists. To the extent everyday exercises are concerned, it can be taken as reality. Just in a definitive sense, from the pinnacle of your light, does it end up stunning, deceptive.”

2. Change

Analysis on the Card: The focal figure in this card sits on the tremendous blossom of the void, and holds the images of transformation– the sword that slices through deception, the snake that revives itself by shedding its skin, the broken chain of restrictions, and the yin/yang image of rising above duality.

One of its hands lays on its lap, open and responsive. Alternate reaches down to touch the mouth of a dozing face, symbolizing the quiet that comes when we are very still.

This is a period for a profound let-go. Permit any agony, distress, or trouble just to be there, tolerating its “facticity”.

It is especially similar to the experience of Gautam Buddha when, following quite a while of looking for, he at long last surrendered knowing there was simply he could do.

That very night, he ended up illuminated. Change comes, similar to death, time permitting. What’s more, similar to death, it takes you from one measurement into another.

Importance of the Card: An ace in Zen isn’t just an instructor. In every one of the religions, there are just instructors.

They show you about subjects which you don’t have the foggiest idea, and they request that you accept on the grounds that there is no real way to bring those encounters into target reality. Neither has the educator known them– he has trusted them; he exchanges his conviction to another person.

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Zen isn’t a devotee’s reality. It isn’t for the devoted ones; it is for those challenging souls who can drop all conviction, unbelief, question, reason, mind, and just go into their unadulterated presence without limits.

In any case, it brings a colossal change. Henceforth, let me say that while others are engaged with theories, Zen is associated with transformation, in a change. It is bona fide speculative chemistry: it transforms you from base metal into gold.

Be that as it may, its dialect must be comprehended, not with your thinking and scholarly personality but rather with your cherishing heart. Or on the other hand even simply tuning in, not annoying whether it is valid or not.

What’s more, a minute comes all of a sudden that you see it, which has been evading you your entire life. All of a sudden, what Gautam Buddha called ‘eighty-four thousand entryways’ open.

3. Victory

Critique on the Card: This character is clearly “large and in charge” at the present time, and the entire world is commending his prosperity with a ticker-tape parade!

In light of your eagerness to acknowledge the current difficulties of life, you are now– or you soon will be– getting a charge out of a superb ride on the tiger of accomplishment.

Welcome it, appreciate it, and offer your bliss with others– and recall that every splendid parade has a start and an end.

In the event that you remember this and crush each drop of juice out of the bliss you are encountering now, you will have the capacity to take the future as it comes without laments.

Be that as it may, don’t be enticed to endeavor to clutch this bottomless minute, or coat it in plastic with the goal that it keeps going forever.

The best insight to remember with every one of the marvels in the parade of your life, regardless of whether they be valleys or pinnacles, is that “this too will pass”. Praise, truly, and continue riding the tiger.

The significance of the Card: Watch the waves in the sea. The higher the wave goes, the more profound is the wake that tails it. One minute you are the wave, another minute you are the empty wake that takes after.

Appreciate both– don’t get dependent on one. Try not to state: I might dependably want to be on the pinnacle. It isn’t conceivable.

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Basically, observe the reality: it isn’t conceivable. It has never happened and it will never happen. It is just impossible– not in the idea of things.

At that point what to do? Appreciate the pinnacle while it keeps going and after that appreciates the valley when it comes. What isn’t right with the valley? What isn’t right with being low? It is an unwinding. A pinnacle is an energy, and no one can exist consistently in a fervor.