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Firefighters Honor Firehouse Dog As “One Of Their Own” After 14 Years Of Service


They say our pets leave footprints on our hearts, and it’s clear that’s the case with a fire station dog who passed away this week.

For more than a decade, the sweet dog named Negro became the fire station mascot of sorts at a firehouse in the Chilean city of Iquique. Day in and day out, he served dutifully, becoming part of the family of firefighters there. He kept watch over things while the firefighters went on calls, and was there waiting to greet them when they returned. The firefighters say he helped ease the intensity of the job.

He died recently after a period of declining health. He was 14. The firefighters wanted to honor him in a way as special as he was, so the company sent him off in an emotional ceremony, complete with an honor guard funeral and the posthumous title of “Honorary Firefighter.”

They carried him off in a custom-built white casket and laid him to rest in a plot not far from where he’d served so dutifully. They also planted a tree nearby in his loving memory.


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