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Two Lost Dogs Wander Onto Highway, Find Refuge By Stealing Police Car


Cops responded to a routine call to remove roadway debris that was blocking traffic. But what happened next was both unexpected and adorable! Two lost pups did the cutest thing to ask police for help and the dogs weren’t going to be ignored, not by anyone!

Germany’s Saxony-Anhalt Police were called in after tire parts were scattered across the Autobahn highway. The cops arrived on the scene to block the road for the safety of travelers. But as the police were diligently protecting their human citizens, their attention was diverted to two other citizens, of the furry, four-legged kind.

Two dogs, seemingly lost, made their way over once traffic ceased. They continued on to a cop’s patrol car that had its doors left wide open. The two dogs then hopped inside for sanctuary.

The furry travelers’ message was clear: They needed help and wanted to get out of there ASAP! The police happily obliged. They drove the dogs to the local shelter, hoping their family would quickly find them.

Thankfully, the dogs’ stay at the shelter was a brief one. Their family was located and both dogs were reunited with them. The dogs’ owners were grateful that both dogs were found, safe and sound, but maybe a tad embarrassed by their fleeting (BUT ADORABLE) brush with the law. Cutest car thieves ever!

Source: Polizei Sachsen-Anhalt


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