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4 Month Old Dog Saved From Plastic Bag In Trash, Rescuer Said Dog Was Used As Bait


Despite being outlawed over 150 years ago, dog fighting continues to exist underground. In order to make their prizefighter dogs even more aggressive, they often use bait dogs– where they can show their aggression and practice their attacks.

Usually, bait dogs that are rescued are adults, which is why the Chicago Police Department was shocked when they rescued a bait dog who was still a puppy.

Mr. Riley, a 4-month-old puppy, was rescued by a Chicago Police Department officer. Mr. Riley was left in a plastic bag to die, next to a trash can in Englewood.

Fortunately, he was rescued before it was too late and brought to the Animal Welfare League. The puppy had tell-tale signs that he had been used as a bait dog. He had holes all over his little body and had been mutilated from head to paw.

Just days earlier, another puppy, Lilo, who was also used as dog-fighting bait, was brought in to the Animal Welfare League. These people are using puppies as bait dogs?! How can anyone be so cruel?

The two pups are now in the loving care of Linda Estrada, and she’s making a heartfelt plea to people who are into dog-fighting to find some other job and stop hurting innocent creatures.

Click the video below to watch this touching rescue story.


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