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Mayor Got 20 years in Prison For Performing a Massacre on 400 Dogs In The City!


Usually, the actions of individuals are responsible for so many awful things done to dogs but even worse than that is when government officials, who you would think are above such terrible things also get involved in them!
The now-former Mayor of a city in Brazil has been put into jail for 20 years because of his actions leading up to over 400 dogs being rounded up and sacrificed for the sake of what he called a city clean up!

The Mayor, called Marcelo Pamplona was offering cash, so it was said, to locals for each dog that they captured in Santa Cruz do Arari, on the mouth of the Amazon river in the northern part of Brazil.

They put the animals into small ships and launched them away into the river, to eventually sink or turn over then sink.

Some dogs were also abandoned in the Amazon rainforest in remote locations, where they could not survive on their own, with no food and becoming food for other predictors.

The mayor told people that he was cleaning up the city of diseased and stray dogs, lots of dog owners were very upset that their beloved pets were stolen from their home by locals looking to cash rewards they got for them.

The police investigated the incidents when the Mayor at the time called council workers and local people to capture the dogs on the streets!

On the local radio, he announced that people who capture the dogs would get $2 for each dog and $4 for each female they caught, even saying that they needed to be tied up with rope!

He told everyone that the dogs were spreading diaereses within the city…

Both photos and videos seized during the investigation show frightened dogs being lassoed and dragged all through the streets, according to police, the dogs really did suffer from the terrible way they were being treated!

Locals took the dogs they captured into the city’s gymnasium, that is where they received their cash reward, then the dogs were taken to two waiting barges which would take them to their peril!

There were shocking videos of children mistreating dogs, brandishing wood, the canicide was causing an uproar!

The mayor said:

“People are losing their sight because of diseases transmitted by the dogs, and others who have been attacked in the street are declaring their support for me”

During the investigation, there was one witness that claimed his two beloved pet dogs were taken by council workers, without his consent, and that he was under police protection because he had been threatened and beaten by Pamplona’s men!

‘Pamplona’ was given 20 years in jail and fined him around £400,000 for environmental crimes and animal abuse.

Another six people involved in the dog hunt also received prison terms, including Pamplona’s brother and the city’s former Transport Secretary who was jailed for two years and four months.


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