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Stray Dog Trapped In Tar, On The Edge Of Life, They Work To Release Him!


Natural disasters are a terrible thing, but man-made disasters, or should we say messes, are even worse, as we find out this dog really needs help to get him out of a sticky slick! Poor doggie…
The footage shops a stray dog that is on the edge of surviving, he desperately needs help in a major way, he really does deserve a second chance at life.

He was found trapped in tar, it was stuck to him, his fur, ground in and holding him down, it had hardened to the ground and he needed help just to get off the floor.

Hsu Wen-Liang the Animal Sanctuary co-founder took the doggie that had been trapped and freed him then started the difficult process of caring for him, it would be a long and hard process.

The dog was originally spotted by a Worker from the south-west of Taiwan, in Tainan City, they called the animal sanctuary to come and recuse him, thank goodness!

That particular sanctuary has a really good reputation in the area for rescuing dogs, they are awesome!

You can see in the video below how he picks up the dog, on the last of his time before its too late, he gently takes him with a blanket, feeds water carefully with a syringe

He panics a little at first but then begins to relax as he realizes help is there and he is going to be looked after.

This poor dog was trapped so fast that it was difficult to breathe even!

The rescuers at the Hsu Animal Sanctuary took the dog and cleaned and scrubbed the asphalt out of his fur…

They used vegetable oil and flour to clean his fur, it really took many hours to clean him, but they say that they will have to keep cleaning him for many days to come!

Eventually, they will shave his fur and it will help him to grow a lovely new coat of fur!

Animal Protection Officers of the Tainan City say they are treating it as an accident, and think that he was trapped unluckily by himself in asphalt at the bitumen plant.

The Hsu Animal Sanctuary was originally founded by Hsu’s sister, called Hsu Wen-Hui, who is very well known for rescuing dogs “from death row” at many government-owned buildings.


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