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This Puppy Was Banned From PetSmart Party Because She’s A Pit Bull


It’s 2018, haven’t we learned anything about sweeping, generalized statements about race, gender, and religion? I would hope so! So why is it that discrimination is allowed to exist in dog-society? And if it is allowed to exist, what the heck are we going to do about it?

Blu, the cutest little 9-week-old Pit Bull was just turned away at a Texas PetSmart because she looks like this:

Scary, huh?

Blu’s mom, Ashley, tweeted that she had brought her puppy to PetSmart’s Barkarita Fiesta to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and was turned away at the door!

Pit Bull fans, and people who understand that all creatures should be judged solely on the content of their character, saw Ashley’s post and responded with support and pics of their Pits.

Ashley told Buzzfeed:

“Every time she sees a dog she tries to play, but the other dogs either don’t feel like it or just ignore her so we were so excited to take her to the class.”

PetSmart heard about Ashley’s experience. Whether they responded to avoid bad press or because they care, we’re not sure BUT…

Ashley said:

“I think this is an issue that needed to be brought up a long time ago.”

She continues:

“I’m so shocked, but so happy that Pit Bull awareness is being brought to our attention. Pit Bulls are dogs too and need to socialize to have a healthy lifestyle.”

A former PetSmart employee tweeted this:


We were shocked ourselves so we went straight to the source: PetSmart.com

And here you go!

So, wait, that is a pretty broad statement considering a dog can be mixed with several other breeds and still appear to be a “bully breed.” My neighbor’s dog, Luna, is half Lab, half Boxer and she has those delicious “bully” looking ears and jowls– should she be banned from PetSmart activities because of sweeping breed assumptions?

In an article for the HuffPost titled “Why It Matters That PetSmart Discriminates Against Pit Bulls,” writer Arin Greenwood posed the exact same dilemma:

“If a dog has slightly pit bull-y cheeks, can they come? Or how about if a dog has one drop of Staffordshire terrier blood in her? And in that case, given how bad people are at visually identifying dogs’ breeds, how would you know?”

In 2014, Greenwood reached out to PetSmart and their spokesperson Michelle Friedman said this:

“The policy applies to dogs that are ‘primarily’ a bully breed, which means 50% or more if they are a mixed breed. We always strive to provide great service to our pet parents, but we must also do our part to protect the safety of our associates as well as our customers and their pets. This policy reflects our effort to balance these interests.”

Greenwood also shared this statement by Rebecca Corry, an actress, comedian and award-winning Pit Bull advocate:


“In fact discrimination in any way is one of the lowest forms of thinking. What’s next PetSmartypants? Should women be seen and not heard? Are your employees allowed to eat in the same break room and drink from communal water fountains regardless of the color of their skin, sexuality or religion? Or do you only discriminate against anything that “has the appearance or characteristics of any Pit Bull type dog?” We want clarification on where you draw the discrimination line. Millions of Pit Bull Terriers die every year in this land of the free and home of the brave country of ours due to this kind of human ignorance and hate. Shame on you and your first world country business run by mentally stunted middle aged white men who should know better.”

How do you feel about PetSmart’s “bully breed” policy?

We think we know how Blu feels.

And we certainly know how Ashley feels:

“Petco lets Pitbulls socialize with other breeds so that’s where I’ll be taking her now.”

Petco sent this sweet card to Ashley and Blu, saying:

“Hi Ashley and Blu,

We were so sorry to see that you weren’t able to attend your event this past weekend. At Petco, we love all dog breeds! We hope you enjoy this gift card and get lots of goodies at your local Petco! Thanks so much for your support and never let anyone exclude you… you deserve so much more than that! XOXO The Petco Social Team”

And it’s Petco for the win!

Tell us what you think about PetSmart’s policies in the comment section and don’t forget to share this post with all your BULLY BREED loving friends!


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