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Fight Between Jaguar And Yellow Anaconda Captured By Wildlife Photographer


When you’re watching any sort of wildlife documentary, a lot of us always wonder how cool it would be to have the job of the videographer/photographer. Think about it. You get to travel all over the world, seeing things that not a lot of us have a chance to see in person.

Things like two lions fighting for meat or a shark fighting a whale…something extraordinary like that. It would honestly be incredible to have a job like that. Luckily, we get to see these moments captured either on television or on the internet.

Chris Brunskill happened to be that person we wish we were. While on a boat along the Cuiaba River in the western Brazil state of Mato Grosso, he witnessed a rare encounter. Something he never thought he would ever see.

Brunskill was able to see a jaguar’s brutal battle with a yellow anaconda. That’s not a combination that anyone would ever think they would be able to see.

The UK-based photographer said that he was “very fortunate” to witness the “incredible” jaguar versus snake encounter. The photos he took are absolutely incredible.

According to The Telegraph, Chris said: “This is by far the rarest of rare events in the life of the jaguar…”

He continued, noting “…I know of several people who have spent twenty years or more on the river and not had the good fortune to see what I saw last week.”

Chris explained that the two rivals fought for about 90 seconds in a battle to the death. The snake was apparently, “lunging at the Jaguar several times” during the confrontation.

“Ten minutes up river we spotted a jaguar walking in the open along the top of the riverbank when something in a patch of long grass caught her attention…” Chris said.

He continued, “I was only half paying attention at this point when she flicked her paw into the grass and out came an anaconda!”

Brunskill told The Telegraph that the jaguar came out to be the winner of the contest after several ferocious bites to the snake’s mid-section. Even though the snake was able to bite it on the nose more than once.


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