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Pit Bull Sent To High-Kill Shelter Because She’s ‘Not Cute’ Anymore – Begs A Visitor For Help


The number of cases where dogs are abandoned once they grow up and don’t look like a puppy anymore is ever increasing. Ellie’s case is one of many such cases. But there’s an added element to her story – she’s a Pit Bull – and with that comes a burdensome reputation.

Ellie was adopted as a puppy, but when she outgrew her puppy years, her owners didn’t find her ‘cute’ anymore and brought her to a high-kill shelter in Jackson, Tennessee. Adult dogs already have a hard time getting adopted in shelters, but Ellie had to face the extra struggle of being a Pit Bull, a breed that has been stereotyped as being aggressive.

But Ellie is far from aggressive. She’s as sweet as they come. Despite her sweet and loving nature, people avoided adopting her and she was put on the euthanasia list. Somehow, it seems Ellie knew she was put on the list, and she did something desperate in a last-ditch attempt to save her own life.

When Jon Patel was visiting the shelter and stopped at Ellie’s kennel to take a look, Ellie stood up stuck her paw out of her cage, as if reaching out to Jon and asking him to save her. Jon grabbed her paw and instantly fell in love with her.