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Dog owner wants justice after man shoots his pit bull during a routine dog walk!


“He was a pit bull, but he was very lovable,” said Tom Fossum, the dog’s owner. “He was the most affectionate dog. My best friend. My partner.”

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A routine dog walk turned deadly in the northwest valley after a pit bull was shot and killed

Fossum still can’t believe his daily dog walk with his pit bull named Leo will never happen again.

Earlier in June, right outside Rhoades Elementary, Fossum remembers crossing paths in front of a man walking a mixed black lab.

“My dog sensed there was another dog, and he went running towards him, and they got into a growling confrontation,” Fossum said.

Fossum tells us he stepped in between both dogs to break up the aggression. But then, things took a different turn.

“All I saw was a gun, and in a split second, the gun went off and shot my dog, and killed him instantly,” Fossum said.

Fossum tells us the man shot Leo near his back leg.

“There was no reason for this to happen because there was nobody in harm’s way,” Fossum said.

Fossum immediately asked the man “why”?

“All he said was call 911,” Fossum said. “I kept trying to ask him ‘why would you do this?’ He said just call 911.”

Animal Control, LVMPD, and the Clark County School Police Department arrived on scene.

While officers filed a report, it was revealed that the man had a license to carry his gun.

Fossum is now waiting for the district attorney to decide whether any charges will be filed.

“I want justice for the dog. Leo was a great dog,” he said.

Fossum says he’s lucky he was not shot.

Fossum now has posted about 100 flyers around Rhoades elementary warning them about a man who shot and killed his dog.

“I want people to be aware: where ever you live, there might be a person out there that may do this,” Fossum said.