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Shy Shelter Dog Has Priceless Reaction To Leaving Kennel For Last Time


When you go to animal shelters, you’ll see all kinds of placards on dogs’ and cats’ cages that try to boil their personalities down to a few words: shy, good with kids, aggressive, bad with other dogs, etc. And while these descriptors are necessary in order to place animals in the right homes, there is some margin for error. After all, imagine how stressful it would be to be placed in a shelter.

They go from the lives they know, which are typically bad ones, and are shoved into concrete-floored kennels, surrounded by people and animals they’ve never met. There’s bound to be some defensiveness in this situation which can come off as aloofness or aggression.

Such was the case for an adorable doggo named Benny who came across as extremely timid, standoffish, and shy when he came to an animal shelter in California.

As you can see in these images, he wasn’t exactly quick to trust people and this led to visitors passing his kennel by without a second thought. The melancholy pup just didn’t know what to make of his new and confusing life.

Still, his sweet face appealed to one family that wanted to give him a forever home! He was a little hesitant at first when a shelter volunteer came to walk him out of his kennel, but then something clicked.

The adorable pup transformed before their eyes, wagging his tail like crazy and hilariously leaping into his brand new life!

His sweet reaction is one you just have to see! Check it out in the video below.