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Woman Shamelessly Tells Police To Shoot Non-Violent Dog, Making People Nationwide Furious


Although cartoons over the years have shown dog catchers to be malicious folks, the fact of the matter is that when first responders are called to the scene to address animal-related incidents, they usually want to treat those situations as they’d treat any other, with the end goal being no lives lost. Not only do these animals have the right to live, but they are also often missing from loving homes with people out looking for them when they go astray.

The goal is to de-escalate these situations even as tensions mount so that all humans and animals involved can walk away safe and happy. I guess this live-and-let-live approach wasn’t up one cruel woman’s alley when a dog started biting at her vehicle.

When a dog began attacking her car, a woman in Dalton, Georgia, suggested police do a truly unconscionable thing. Fortunately, they didn’t, but the woman’s request and the video she posted on Facebook Live have now gone viral…and not for the reasons she anticipated. Let’s just say that people are furious.

Jessica Dilallo called the police after seeing a dog ripping off the bumper of her car. Apparently, two small cats were hiding under the hood of the car, and police now believe he was trying to get to them.

Dalton Police Lieutenant Matthew Locke explains to Dilallo that they hope to catch the dog, and that throwing rocks at it or hurting it might turn a dog that’s not currently aggressive toward humans against them. Dilallo asks why he doesn’t just shoot the dog, then, if it had the potential to become aggressive.

Fortunately, Lt. Locke followed protocol, continuing not to engage the dog until an animal control officer arrives with an improvised catch pole. The cats were safe, and no living beings were hurt. Still, Dilallo, of course, wanted compensation for her damage.

Police found the dog’s owner, Ben Bonds, who has agreed to pay for the damage to the car. In the end, it worked out just as it was supposed to. But that wouldn’t have happened if police had shot the dog as Dilallo suggested. Watch the video below to hear all of Dilallo’s cringe-worthy remarks.

I just about choked when she said, “Why don’t you just shoot it, then?” How cruel can someone possibly be? Fortunately for all inolved, this story had a happy ending. That would not have been the case if officers had heeded Dillalo’s nasty advice. What would you do if someone you knew wanted to treat a dog this way? The way I see it, material items can be fixed or replaced. Animals cannot.